What Happens if I Pass Out While Driving?

When dealing with a sudden medical emergency while driving, it can be super scary. For those that pass out while driving or that deal with this type of medical emergency while driving, it can be so difficult to figure out how to go about any lawsuits that might pop up and how to deal with the aftermath. In the case of an accident that was caused by a medical emergency, Elizabeth personal injury lawyers can help you settle your case and start moving forward.

Are You Liable for Accidents Caused by Sudden Medical Emergencies?

In the state of New Jersey, as with most states, you can use what is called the sudden medical emergency defense that helps to absolve you of any liability when it comes to an accident that was caused by something extreme like if you pass out. Your Elizabeth personal injury attorney can help you file this defense and help get out of any charges or lawsuits that might pop up with this event.

Elizabeth NJ attorneys can help you find out what the laws are regarding this type of event, and what you need to do to make this type of charge go away. Your Elizabeth NJ lawyers can help you find the correct paperwork, medical evidence and witnesses to help support your claim. The first step in this type of case is to of course seek immediate medical attention. If there is any sort of underlying medical condition that you have, if you have undiagnosed epilepsy, if you have low blood sugar, etc, these things can all make you suddenly pass out while driving.

You need to seek immediate medical attention to make sure that there is not something more serious going on, to help ensure that if there was a serious medical event that you are treated, and that you do have the proper documentation to back your claim. While an insurance company cannot request your medical records, having this type of report on hand can certainly lend to your credibility and help support your claim.

A personal injury attorney Elizabeth NJ can help you get your claim settled, help you get the supporting documents and information that you need, and can also help to ensure that if you are dealing with a lawsuit, that you do have the information that you need to work through it. A New Jersey car accident attorney can help you navigate insurance and claims and can also help you with your case.

Steps to Take if You Pass Out While Driving

After you have gotten proper medical attention, it is important to make sure that you contact a lawyer. A lawyer is going to be able to help you build a case so that you do not have to deal with things like lawsuits, losing your insurance coverage and other problems. We cannot predict or prevent medical emergencies and the court does recognize that. If you do have a medical emergency while driving odds are you are not going to be able to drive for some time.

You will need to be cleared by a doctor to get back on the road, you may have to prove to your insurance company that you are competent to drive, and you are likely going to need some ample time to recover. After a medical emergency that causes an accident, there is a great deal of healing that needs to be done both mentally and physically. Taking the time to get a great lawyer and really build a case can help you resolve the issue quickly and get back to living your life.

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