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Can I Rely on My Union to Protect My Interests?

A labor union is formed to protect the rights of employees. For instance, if you face a lawful termination, the labor union must ensure that you are compensated fairly. This is not always the case, and therefore, it means you cannot always rely on your labor union to protect your interests.... Continue Reading

Worker’s Compensation Claims: The Basics

Getting injured on the job is a risk that we all take when we go into work every day.  Some jobs have a greater risk of injury in comparison to others, but that risk is never zero, no matter what job it is.  If you do get injured on the job in the state of New Jersey, there is a... Continue Reading

What Should I Do if Attacked by a Dog?

Being attacked by a dog is a frightening experience. However, dealing with the bite’s aftermath such as paying for medical bills can be even more frightening. Here are tips about what to do if attacked by a dog from Ashton E. Thomas Esquire, a personal injury attorney Elizabeth... Continue Reading

What Happens if I Pass Out While Driving?

When dealing with a sudden medical emergency while driving, it can be super scary. For those that pass out while driving or that deal with this type of medical emergency while driving, it can be so difficult to figure out how to go about any lawsuits that might pop up and how to deal with the... Continue Reading