Workers’ Compensation

Workers Compensation Lawyers NJ

Today life at work seems to be in chaos. Getting to work is a challenge. Being safe at work is a challenge. Keeping your job is challenging. Workers’ Compensation is an important part of an employee’s protection that should not be overlooked.

Workers’ Compensation is state law that pays employees for work related injuries. Most workers know that they are covered for common injuries. For example, fractures resulting from falls, burns caused by exposure to chemicals, and metal fragments lodged in the eye are frequently the foundation of petitions for recovery.

However, Covid-19 is a new potential source of injury. Covid-19, a virus that has killed over 100,000 of our citizens, has injured many workers. It is unclear whether Covid-19 is a persistent illness that could cause workers permanent injury. Moreover, many workers have suffered mental stress from the death of co-workers who passed away as a result of the virus. This mental anguish is exacerbated by a fear of new exposure at the workplace or a concern that one might expose family members. I encourage any workers exposed to Covid to seek immediate legal assistance as there are many issues that must be considered. The most important question is whether the exposure was occupational or “community spread.” The employer will always argue the latter to avoid liability. It is the lawyer’s responsible to investigate the workplace and work assignment for evidence.

If there is occupational exposure, the lawyer’s next job is to direct the employee towards a proper medical evaluation. Of course, this can be difficult as many physicians will not see patients who have tested positive for the virus.

In addition, a lawyer must be alert for any evidence of depression that an employee might be experiencing. Workers are being called “heroes” in commercials, and this notion might conceal a post traumatic stress disorder that might be compensable.

Whether the injury is Covid related or completely unrelated to Covid, please seek immediate legal advise from an Elizabeth NJ workers compensation lawyer. If I can be of assistance, don’t hesitate to contact my office. I now arrange zoom conferences with clients for their safety and convenience.