Discrimination at Work: Is It Difficult to Prove?

What Is Discrimination at Work? Discrimination means acting differently or less favorably towards a person or group. There could be a variety of reasons for behaving in this way. Discrimination can happen anywhere. You may face discrimination from classmates, coaches, professors, supervisors,... Continue Reading

How do I File a Discrimination Lawsuit in NJ?

Do you live in New Jersey and are wondering how you can go about filing a discrimination claim? Unfortunately, workplace discrimination is a common issue. Discrimination occurs when certain employees are not treated the same or even worse by their boss, manager, supervisor, or fellow employees... Continue Reading

First Steps to Take in a Personal Injury Case

Personal injuries can cause a standstill in one's life, and recovery might also take longer depending on the severity of the damage. Also, during the recovery period, one can lose a lot of valuable things, and some people may even go as far as losing their jobs. The good thing is that you can... Continue Reading