Traffic Laws in New Jersey: How to Navigate Them

male driver being stopped

New Jersey is one of the states with strict traffic laws in the United States. So, whether you plan to hit the roads in New Jersey for a fast time or don’t understand how the laws operate, it would be better to consult NJ Traffic Attorney to avoid getting in trouble with traffic police.

Traffic laws are meant to keep road users safe, and that is why it is the responsibility of all users to comply with them.  However, you will agree that even if you take as many precautions as possible while driving on a busy highway, one driver’s mistake can lead you to a severe accident.

When that happens, it would be better to seek the help of a New Jersey car accident attorney to help you hold such people responsible in court. Then, with the help of a New Jersey traffic lawyer, you will argue your case in court to prove your innocence.

There are several traffic laws in New Jersey. Some of the common ones include:

No Use of Phone While Driving

Talking to someone on the phone while driving in New Jersey is an offense. The traffic police officers will pull over and ticket you if you are found talking or texting someone while on the road.

New Jersey states’ driving distraction fines are significantly higher, and it will cost you a lot of dollars if found guilty. The first offense alone will cost between $200 and $400 without court costs.

If you commit more offenses within ten years, the second offense increases from $400 to $600, and the third one will cost from $600 to $800, and a possible suspension of license for 90 days. 

A driver may use the phone during an emergency. However, it would be difficult for the police to determine the reason before they stop them for was a traffic violation.  In that case, you will need New Jersey traffic lawyers to help establish a defense. For example, if you witnessed an accident or criminal activity while driving, it would be justifiable to use your phone to alert the authorities.

Abandoning Motor Vehicle

Handling a vehicle on a highway, bridge, or tunnel in a manner likely to interfere with or obstruct the passage of other vehicles is an offense in New Jersey. 

The offense includes abandoning the vehicle on a highway, tunnel, or bridge willingly or disablement of the motor vehicle due to lack of fuel.

If found guilty, the state government will fine you between $202 to $502, depending on the nature of the case. 

The court may also suspend your license for at least one year and not more than five years. In addition, the driver cannot purchase liability insurance, making the situation more complicated.

So how can Elizabeth traffic attorney? Get this, since the penalties are severe, the attorney will argue your case in court to have the charges downgraded to a lesser offense to ensure you don’t lose your licenses and other work opportunities.

Driver’s License 

Every driver operating a motor vehicle in New Jersey must have a valid driver’s license, a validated New Jersey permit, or a valid probationary license. They must also carry valid insurance and vehicle registration.

The New Jersey traffic laws also require any motorist with a validated driver’s permit to accompany an appropriately licensed driver. However, motorists who are residents of New Jersey must be registered in the state.

If you are a motorist with a valid-out-state license and are moving to New Jersey, you will be required by law to apply for a New Jersey license within 60 days. For a commercial driver’s license (CDL), you can do it within 30 days or before the current one expires.

These commercial operating vehicles, including large trucks, buses, and other vehicles transporting hazardous materials, must meet more stringent testing standards than drivers of automobiles or motorcycles. 

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