Settling Out of Court: How Often Do Employers Do It?

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What Does Settling Out of Court Mean?

When it comes to employment-related matters, settling out of court means ending a dispute with your prospective, former, or current employer. This usually means you’ll receive some type of consideration, i.e., non-cash benefits, money, and sometimes an agreement to offer you a promotion or to reinstate you. This is provided that you give up or waive the right to sue or dismiss your claims if you’ve filed a lawsuit.

How Often Do Employers Settle Out of Court?

Most employers settle out of court. Otherwise, around half of the claims may be withdrawn by the employee.

It is expensive to have an employee lawsuit. So, that’s why most of them are settled out of court. The average cost of an out-of-court settlement, however, is approximately $40,000, which tends to be a lot less than going through the court system for these cases.

When settling out of court, there will be a settlement agreement between the employee and the employer. Otherwise, a judge may involuntarily or voluntarily dismiss the plaintiff.

When there is a good settlement, both parties will come to an agreement. They won’t necessarily be happy, but they will both come up with an acceptable result.

Why do Some Employers Offer Settlement Agreements?

Employers offer settlement agreements when they want a contract termination that you would mutually agree on. Doing this will allow a clean break without the threat of taking them to court for more money.

Is Suing Your Employer Worth it?

Many times, suing your employee may not be worth it. There may not be enough whether the employer made the wrong choice or is a bad person. And without a valid legal claim, you’ll lose your case. So, rethinking this is in order before suing him/her.

Is it Better to go to Trial or Settle Out of Court?

Settlement is less risky, less expensive, and faster. So, most of these cases settle out of court and well before trial. So, it is maybe better to settle out of court.

How an Attorney Can Help

A New Jersey discrimination attorney knowledgeable lawyer can guide you in various ways. This professional can consult you about your legal options. Also, he/she can litigate any employment claim you have as needed. It doesn’t matter if you are facing unlawful behavior or discrimination, employment contracts, overtime, wages, union rights, collective bargaining, or reasonable accommodations.

In Closing

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