Feeling Overwhelmed as a Healthcare Worker with COVID? What You Should Do

healthcare worker rights

As a healthcare worker, you have a moral and professional duty to yourself, your employer and the greater community. You want to save people’s lives, but you don’t want to risk your own life. This is a dilemma that faces many people who work during viral epidemics. You must know when to contact Attorney Ashton Thomas, an experienced New Jersey lawyer about your employee rights.

Your Sickness May Not Be Your Fault

Even in a crisis, every doctor, nurse and healthcare worker has the right to say no. Working round the clock for more than eight hours a day may be a violation of their rights. Having your wages cut or not being paid for overtime is another violation. Having to work in a hospital that is full of sick patients with too few staff members is a dangerous situation.

During the COVID-19 crisis, many healthcare workers were put in dangerous, stressful situations where they felt like they had no control. They felt pressured to work in unfavorable conditions or risk losing their jobs and incomes. In that kind of situation, you could sue an employer or healthcare organization that cares more about the health and safety of their patients than their employees.

Your Case May Win Anyway

Do not take on a powerful individual or organization on your own. Hire a powerful attorney if you are a healthcare worker who has been recently infected with the deadly COVID-19. Attorney Ashton Thomas is the right New Jersey lawyer to contact for legal representation.