Worker’s Compensation Claims: The Basics

workers compensation claim

Getting injured on the job is a risk that we all take when we go into work every day.  Some jobs have a greater risk of injury in comparison to others, but that risk is never zero, no matter what job it is.  If you do get injured on the job in the state of New Jersey, there is a process to go through when filing a worker’s compensation claim.  It’s always a good idea to seek the help of an workers’ compensation lawyer New Jersey that can assist your workers compensation claim.  We will look at the process below broken down in detail.

Get Treated For The Injury / Doctor’s Consultation

This should be obvious to anybody who gets injured, treat the injury first!  Your employer will have a designated hospital or small clinic that handles work injuries and you will go to this facility first.  If the injury is serious enough, your employer may skip this step, and you can go straight to the nearest hospital without having to get approval beforehand from your employer.  The small clinic that your employer sends you to may also come to this conclusion if they can’t treat the injury for you (lack of equipment, seriousness of the injury, etc.).  In this case, they will send you to the nearest hospital for treatment.

While being treated for the injury, tell your Doctor everything related to the injury including the information that it happened at work.  This helps your Doctor to treat the injury and to also know where to send the bill of service to (your employer) for payment of services rendered.  It’s also a good idea to keep copies of everything that your Doctor supplies to you such as medical records, bills, prescriptions, and other related documents.

Issues That Might Surface

Your employer might claim that your injury was not work-related. Your employer might claim that you were leaving work at the time of the injury. Therefore, it is also important to document the time and place of injury with your supervisor to avoid these issues.

Your employer might claim that you had a preexisting injury and that you did not suffer a compensable loss at work. Therefore, it is important to inform all medical treaters of your prior medical history. It is also important to retain workers’ compensation lawyer New Jersey for help.

It is also important to cooperate with your medical treatment schedule. A failure to cooperate might constitute a defense and prejudice your claim.

Your employer will likely retain a medical expert who will find that you had a miraculous recovery after suffering multiple fractures. This process is not personal. It is the way our legal system functions. It is necessary that you retain an attorney who will hire competent medical experts to challenge unsupported medical findings.

Learn More

If you’ve been injured on the job and are seeking a workers’ compensation claim in New Jersey, contact Ashton E. Thomas Esquire today.  The law firm of Ashton E. Thomas Esquire has experience in worker’s compensation law and personal injury cases.  His knowledge can help you immensely in your own worker’s compensation case.