What Should I Do if Attacked by a Dog?

dog attack

Being attacked by a dog is a frightening experience. However, dealing with the bite’s aftermath such as paying for medical bills can be even more frightening. Here are tips about what to do if attacked by a dog from Ashton E. Thomas Esquire, a personal injury attorney Elizabeth NJ.

Get Pictures of the Dog

If you have your phone with you, see if you can get pictures of the dog right after the attack. This proves the dog was in the area. It does not specifically prove which dog attacked you, but it goes a long way to helping you get compensation.

Get Medical Attention

After getting bit, do not start looking for a New Jersey dog bite attorney. Seek medical help first. Stem any blood flow, get the wound cleaned or, if the wounds are severe, call 911. If you do not know who owned the dog, then there is a chance the dog had rabies. You need immediate treatment for rabies. Don’t ignore puncture wounds, even if they do not bleed much. Bacteria from the dog’s saliva can cause a bad infection. Worry about getting better first, then worry about getting help from Elizabeth NJ lawyers.

Get Pictures of the Injuries

If you can, get plenty of pictures of your injuries. This is vital evidence that will go a long way to getting a ruling in your favor. You will need a friend or loved one to take the pictures if you cannot. Many legal rules prohibit nurses or other medical staff from taking pictures of patients for anything other than help for medical treatment. Even pictures from your phone can be used as proof that you suffered dog bite injuries.

Get Copies of Your Medical Records

If you cannot, for whatever reason, get pictures of your dog bite injuries, then you need to get copies of the records from the emergency room or wherever you go to get treatment. This is proof from a respected medical center that you did suffer injuries. Usually, when you are released from a hospital or emergency room, you are given these reports, with instructions for follow-up care.

Contact the Police

The police need to know about a potentially dangerous animal in the area. There may have been complaints about this dog before. They may have to impound the dog or destroy it. Filing a police report also leaves a paper trail of evidence proving that you did get attacked by a dog. Get copies of this report for your Elizabeth personal injury attorney.

Get Information About the Dog’s Owners, But Do Not Talk to Them

If you know the dog or the owner of the dog that bit you, write the address, phone number or any other information down. Do not confront the dog’s owner, no matter how tempting it is. Let the police and your attorney do that for you. Any confrontation with a dog owner can quickly escalate into physical assault or damage to your property in retaliation. This could lead to you getting arrested or, at the least, getting an unwanted visit from the police. It’s best to avoid or ignore the owner from now on. Refuse any offers of cash from the dog owner. This can be far less than what your medical bills come to be. Accepting a cash offer also means that a dangerous animal is still in your neighborhood. You, a neighbor, a loved one or even a pet, could get attacked by this dog. Let Elizabeth NJ attorneys handle this problem for you.

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