What Injuries are Considered For Workers Compensation?

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As many workers are aware of, workers’ compensation is a form of insurance offered by employers when a work-related injury occurs. These injuries can vary depending on the field of work and how the injury occurred. When an employee begins working in a job that offers workers’ compensation, they should familiarize themselves with the policies of their employer related to this insurance. If legal assistance is needed, Elizabeth NJ workers compensation attorneys can advise employees on their rights and what injuries their employer has to cover. Attorney Ashton Thomas specializes in workers’ compensation coverage and will help you determine if your injury is protected.

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

When an employee is hurt on the job, it may be unclear what type of protection they will have. In general, most injuries that are sustained while performing work duties are covered by the workers’ compensation insurance. This includes burns, cuts, scrapes, broken bones, lost limbs, etc. This also includes illnesses that may result from the job duties, materials, or equipment related to the position.

While the coverage usually includes most workplace injuries, there are certain ailments that the employer will not be responsible for. These are generally:

-Injuries that are the result of an employee playing or fighting in the workplace

-Injuries that happen on the way to or from work

Though in most instances it’s clear that the employee should be compensated, there are times when this is not the case. Elizabeth NJ workers compensation attorneys can offer the legal advice that is necessary to follow through with a claim to receive the available benefits. Attorney Ashton Thomas is available to answer your questions and use his extensive experience to help you. Contact his office for a consultation so that you can get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.