What Factors into a Personal Injury Claim?

Experiencing an injury that is caused by someone else’s negligence puts you in an uncomfortable position. Not only do you need to take time out to care for yourself and heal, but you are also likely to be struggling with covering the cost of your medical treatments. Vehicle collisions, slip-and-fall accidents and workplace incidents can alter your life and potentially lead to you being unable work and manage your other responsibilities. When someone else is at fault for the accident, then you may be eligible to receive compensation to help cover the many different damages that result from the incident. While some of these damages might be clear from the beginning, others might be less obvious.

After you file a personal injury claim, an insurance company or court will take a look at your case to identify important factors that influence the settlement. Elizabeth personal injury lawyers also check the facts of your case to help you understand which factors will be the most important. As you work with Ashton E. Thomas Esquire, you can expect to talk about these common factors that could play a role in your claim.

Current and Future Medical Expenses

This is perhaps one of the largest factors that influence how much you can expect to get from your settlement. Most likely, you’ve already received medical treatments that add up and can hit you hard financially. However, many people overlook what their future health care could cost. If you require ongoing medical treatment, such as physical therapy, then you’ll want to know that your Elizabeth personal injury attorney will work on your behalf to get it covered.

Unpaid Time Off from Work and Missing Wages

Even a minor injury might keep you out of work for several weeks. A major one could drastically change the type of work that you can do in the future. Elizabeth NJ attorneys include several sub-factors in the calculation for your missing wages. For instance, you might have missed out on more wages than just your hourly salary. Being unable to meet your targets to receive a bonus that you were on track to hit or losing out on expected overtime can impact the amount of your settlement.

Missed Opportunities

When you talk to Elizabeth personal injury Elizabeth NJ, they’ll likely ask you if you missed out on any important events. Being unable to attend a family member’s wedding or having to cancel a job interview are things that you wouldn’t have had to do if you hadn’t gotten injured. At times, you may be able to receive compensation for losing out on opportunities to improve your lifestyle or make a memory.

Physical Pain and Suffering

It is hard to put a price tag on pain, but an attorney that accident survivors trust to handle their claim can use several parameters to determine an appropriate amount. Being unable to sleep due to the pain comes with a cost to your ability to manage your daily responsibilities, and you may also be facing years of chronic pain ahead. Including coverage for this in your settlement helps to make up for your loss of the ability to enjoy your normal life.

Damaged Property

Your car might have been totaled during the accident, or you could have lost valuable work tools. In these types of cases, it is likely that you were using something that had value that is now no longer functional. Typically, Elizabeth NJ lawyers can calculate the amount to include for property damage by using information such as the fair market value for your vehicle.

Your health and financial wellbeing are too important to leave your case up to chance. Working with injury lawyers in New Jersey helps to make sure that all of the essential factors that impact your case are included in your claim. Taking the time to thoroughly assess your situation allows you the best chances of enjoying a healthier recovery.