Most Dangerous Jobs in New Jersey

firefighter near the truck

You can rest knowing that New Jersey isn’t among the top states to get a workplace injury. However, there are still a lot of occupations that can lead to employees going to a hospital. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 27,500 workers in New Jersey couldn’t do their jobs because of a workplace injury in 2018. That’s why you should know about the best workers compensation lawyer NJ has to offer. You can even hire a professional if one of your loved ones passed away due to an employer’s negligence, as there have been 83 fatalities reported in this state in 2018.

The Most Dangerous Jobs to Do in New Jersey

Some occupations are risky for clear reasons, like police officers and firefighters. Other more common jobs that are dangerous are the ones in the transportation sector. These professions can range from taxi to truck driving. The most likely cause of injuries or death from these occupations is auto accidents. It could be tricky to see if the company you work for is at fault for this kind of incident. Luckily, you can ask our Elizabeth NJ workers compensation lawyer for tips and advice on framing your case.

The Most Dangerous Jobs for Workplace Violence in New Jersey

Specific jobs are more likely to be dangerous because of the people you can encounter during your employment. Bartenders could be at risk of getting injured by violently drunk individuals. Going back to taxi drivers again, they could receive harm from passengers that try to rob them. There’s a higher possibility for individual educators to get hurt, particularly middle school and special education teachers from students. It could be easy to think that getting injured by fellow employees or consumers may have nothing to do with your workplace. However, an Elizabeth workers comp attorney can clarify any confusion you may have about this potential case.

No matter how safe you try to be, workplace negligence can still lead to severe injuries. The best thing you can do is prepare for when these accidents happen. First, learn how to file a worker’s compensation claim. If you need any help with that, then contact the office of Ashton E. Thomas. Our attorney can answer your questions and put your case together. We’ll do what we can to make sure you get the compensation you need for your workplace injury.