Is it Important to Hire an Attorney for a DUI Charge?

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You thought the traffic stop was routine. You thought maybe you had a taillight out, or another simple misunderstanding could be happening. You complied well with the officer’s request for your identification and insurance information. What surprised you was the request to step out of the vehicle. Soon after, the officer asked you to take an important breathalyzer test. You were confused. You hadn’t been drinking. The results said otherwise, and you were arrested on charges of driving under the influence.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence is a serious charge that claims you were operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It doesn’t matter if the alcohol or drug that entered the body was legal at the time of consumption. If the amount consumed caused a person to be over the legal limit for their state or otherwise impaired to the point where they cannot safely operate the vehicle, it’s a serious offense

Some states have a different name for the DWI: driving while impaired. The acronyms DUI and DWI, respectively, are sometimes used interchangeably by community members.

When You Weren’t Drinking

But what happens in cases where you weren’t drinking, but you were arrested anyway? The officer felt they had reasonable cause to take you into custody for other indicators that your driving may have been impaired. In some cases, prescription drugs or other medical issues can mimic impaired driving. The officer won’t know that. An attorney must be able to get to the bottom of it for you on your behalf.

Why You Need a NJ DUI Attorney 

You may think that a DUI charge is not severe, but it can be. Even it’s your first time for the offense. It’s important to know what you are facing and how an attorney can help you. Only qualified Elizabeth NJ attorneys can determine how severe your case is and what to do about it.

How a New Jersey DUI Attorney Helps You

While New Jersey does offer a standard sentencing package for first-time offenders, it’s just a base starting point. If someone was injured or if there were other crimes involved at the time of the arrest, you may have substantial exposure.

Working with experienced DUI attorneys NJ allows you to have your case handled fairly and reduces the prosecutor’s chances of feeling like they can confidently throw the book at you. In addition, in cases where you weren’t drinking, the lawyer can get to the bottom of what caused the officer’s initial concerns. Were you experiencing an undiagnosed medical issue? Was the officer’s equipment malfunctioning? It’s important to have your case always handled fairly before the court.

Contact Your Trusted Elizabeth NJ Lawyers

Never wait to ask for help from a qualified Elizabeth DUI attorney when you face driving under the influence charges. Everything you say and do without your attorney can be held against you and twisted inappropriately during your legal matters. Don’t let yourself go without the protection you need. Contact the offices of Ashton E. Thomas Esquire today for an appointment!