Does COVID Qualify Me for Worker’s Compensation?

While many companies have let most of their employees work remotely, many workers, primarily those in crucial industries, including healthcare, have remained on the clock despite the dangers presented by the pandemic. Workers exposed to COVID-19 have developed a series of ailments, from breathing and sensory issues to dying. Workers and their families are now wondering if COVID-19 workers’ compensation benefits are available. To qualify for workers’ compensation for pandemic-related ailments generally necessitates proof that the organization or business caused the condition. An Elizabeth Workers Comp Attorney at Ashton E. Thomas Esquire can help you.

How do I Qualify for Workers’ Compensation?

You must have a work-related injury or illness to be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. It indicates that you’d have been sick or hurt while doing the assignment you are expected to do for the employer and might need an Elizabeth NJ work accident lawyer.

It means that if you get ill or hurt while on the road for work, at a business meeting or an alternate location session, or doing some work-related duties, you probably have coverage under workers’ compensation rules. A New Jersey car accident attorney can help you.

How to Know if My Employer’s Workers’ Comp Plan Covers Me

As a rule of thumb, if you are a full-time employee paid on a routine basis, you are protected by the employer’s workers’ compensation policy. Employees covered by workers’ compensation legislation and rules are vast. They range from workers in the construction industry to emergency workers, educators, and more.

How Elizabeth NJ Lawyers Can Help

COVID-19 or a COVID-related illness or injury may qualify you for workers’ compensation if you believe your job caused the disease or injury. Contact my office so that we can investigate your situation. We can assist you in several ways like:

  • Whether you are eligible for workers’ compensation or have the right to sue for damages will be determined by us.
  • To prove that your injuries are work-related, we’ll gather the necessary evidence.
  • We’ll quantify your damages, and we’ll get expert medical testimony to support them.
  • We will demonstrate that you took appropriate steps to protect your well-being yet still became ill or injured. If you become sick, you won’t be able to be faulted for it.