Common Springtime Car Accidents & How to Be Compensated


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As the spring season is now upon us, the weather has changed and more people will be out and about.  This means more cars on the road, more bike riders and motorcyclists and more sidewalk foot traffic. 

There will also be an increase of children in the streets, playgrounds and front yards and, toward that end, it is important that operators of motor vehicles remain mindful of springtime traffic.

With the increase in springtime traffic comes an increase in motor vehicle accidents. Drivers who have been couped up in the house all winter now return to the road more frequently and that volume gives rise to a spike in the number of accidents that will take place. Additionally, many young drivers are completing drivers’ education at the end of the school year and will also now be on the road.

Pay attention to this increased number of cars and the number of inexperienced drivers as you are sure to encounter them in short order.

Spring weather is also tricky. They say that April showers bring May flowers, but there are also cold spells that sometimes bring evening frost and early morning flurries.

Roads become slick even with minimal rainfall. It is important to understand that cars can lose traction very easily so keeping a safe and proper following distance is more important than ever in the spring.

In the event that you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident this spring due to the increase in vehicles on the road or springtime weather conditions, it is advisable to consult with an Elizabeth personal injury attorney at the Office of Ashton E. Thomas. Your rights and remedies will be explained to you, so that you may begin on the road to recovery from any serious or permanent personal injuries you may have sustained.