4 Most Common Internal Injuries in Car Accidents

two medics in a car accident

Automobile accidents are often abrupt and could result in serious, potentially life-changing injuries. Unfortunately, however, significant internal injuries might not always be noticed by an accident victim during the incident’s immediate aftermath.

Ashton E. Thomas, an Elizabeth personal injury attorney, invites northern and central New Jersey residents to read on to learn more about the four most common internal injuries. In the wake of said events, a New Jersey car accident attorney might be able to help those victimized earn compensation for their injuries.

The Four Most Common Car Accident-Related Internal Injuries

Internal Bleeding

Moderate to severe collisions may result in injuries where organs or blood vessels become damaged. Such events often precipitate internal bleeding. In its early stages, the initial loss of blood might not be felt. However, as the condition worsens, impacted subjects could go into shock and potentially expire if not administered immediate blood transfusions.

Closed Head Wounds

Certain head wounds are easy to see. That said, car accidents often lead to hazardous occurrences, like concussions, traumatic brain injuries and even intracranial bleeding. If not promptly treated, any of these events could lead to cognitive disturbances, paralysis and possibly even death.

Ruptured Organs

The traumatic force associated with many car collisions can damage or puncture organs. Major organ damage can induce internal bleeding and significantly threaten said systemic component’s ability to function properly. In the case of major organs, like the heart, liver, kidneys, lungs or spleen, said events could prove fatal.

Broken Bones

Vehicular mishaps could produce bone breaks in almost any part of the body. These injuries are not only painful but could take extended durations to heal and result in longstanding disability.

How Elizabeth Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help?

In certain instances, car accidents are caused by the negligent actions of another motorist. Those sustaining any of the preceding injuries should have their case reviewed by an experienced personal injury attorney. Should said legal professional believe the victim’s claims possess validity, they can perform a number of tasks geared towards demonstrating the injured party was victimized by another’s malfeasance. The end result could be compensation for damages the victim sustained.

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