What You Should Write Down After a Car Accident

car accident

Getting injured in a car accident is something everyone desires to never experience. However, seasoned Elizabeth personal injury lawyers point out that the statistics involving traffic accidents continue to grow each year as areas become ever more populated. 

If an accident does happen, first remove yourself and/or any passengers from imminent danger. After ensuring that you are not hurt or have only minor injuries, take a moment to write some important information down on paper as soon as possible. These details can help prove that someone else was responsible for the accident. 

Important Things to Jot Down After a Car Accident 

There are several important things that should be jotted down in the aftermath of a car accident according to one Elizabeth personal injury attorney all too familiar with these types of car crashes and the potential court case that could arise because of the crash. 

These items include: 

  • Number of People Involved
  • Number of Cars on Scene & Make, Year, Model & Other Identifying Factors
  • Signs of Vehicle Damages at Crash Scene
  • Personal Contact Information from Any Witnesses
  • Names & Contact Information of Drivers Involved
  • Other Drivers Car Insurance Card Information
  • Towing Company & Details
  • Ambulance or First Responder IDs & Contact Details
  • Any Obvious Possible Causes of Crash

Write Down Any Witnesses Present & Contact Information

A successful personal injury attorney Elizabeth NJ inhabitants have already trusted for legal assistance also urges victims to write down any witnesses present that may have seen the crash unfold. Get their contact information as well. This information could be the deciding factor on whether an injured victim is able to obtain compensation benefits to pay for medical care and compensate for lost work wages if necessary.  

Document the Details of the Accident Scene 

There are several terrific injury lawyers in New Jersey who also encourage accident victims to note the details of the accident scene if they are removed from safety and not injured badly. There are many factors that could play out in court that may have contributed to the accidental event. 

Things to consider jotting down at the accident scene include the date and time the accident occurred, the position of vehicles along with road and weather conditions, like icy, snow-covered, or wet, and traffic patterns at that time. Other things to note are whether there appears to be a broken traffic light, a bush, or other obstacle blocking a driver’s view at a traffic sign before moving into the intersection and broken or missing road guardrails and other potential things. 

Write Down How You Think the Accident Happened 

One group of local Elizabeth NJ attorneys also advise victims to write down on paper how the victim thinks the accident happened. This information helps attorneys and other involved individuals to get a clear accounting based on the victim’s eyewitness testimony. If that information lines up with what witnesses say or a police report documented, this could be valuable and could mean the difference between winning or losing a personal injury lawsuit.  

Get Police & Hospital Medical Reports 

Other information that should be gathered quickly is police and hospital or other medical reports. Things have a tendency to get lost the more time that elapses after a motor vehicle accident. 

Talk with a New Jersey Car Accident Attorney 

Accident victims and/or their family members can sue for damage compensation if the accident was caused by another person. Contact Ashton E. Thomas at https://ashtonthomasesq.com for details.