What Can You Do If COVID Delayed Your Workers Compensation Payment?

workers compensation

Attorney Ashton Thomas is here to help you with your workers’ compensation problems. The COVID-19 pandemic has a lot of people worrying. Jobs are being lost. Sometimes, getting the benefits that you need can be a nightmare. It is important to remember the specific steps that you can take to help your future.

Get Legal Help

Elizabeth NJ workers compensation attorneys are experts who can design a tactic that gets you your compensation. You should not despair. Having attorney Ashton E. Thomas in your corner is the key to winning the legal battle. Do not try to handle the situation on your own. The process can be confusing for those who are unskilled in legal matters.

Know What Compensation You Qualify For

It is not wise to try to defraud the system. If you are not injured or suffering health issues, do not try to claim workers’ compensation insurance. That is just plain wrong. However, if you are suffering from an injury or other medical problem, you will qualify for workers’ compensation. According to the Hartford, the definition of workers’ compensation is benefits for lost time from a job while injured. Those benefits are usually paid out by the state or a private insurance company depending on the laws in your state.

Do Other Good Things

Get some fresh air. Exercise is just the thing to brighten your mood while you wait for your payment. Remember to clearly and honestly communicate your situation to the people who are in charge of handling your payment. Consider taking up a remote gig while you cannot work. Having fulfilling work to do is great for paying bills and eliminating worry.

When you do not know what to do, turn to attorney Ashton E. Thomas. As an expert among Elizabeth NJ workers compensation attorneys, you can trust Ashton to handle your case with compassion and knowledge.