Class Actions

If you believe the negligence of a business impacted you and many other people, you might want to consider filing a class-action lawsuit. Class-action lawsuits make sense when the negligent actions of a company affect hundreds or even thousands of people. For example, a company knowingly releases a product that causes health problems for its customers.

The business continues to sell the product, and people start getting sick. Those impacted by the company’s oversight can file a class-action lawsuit to collect compensation for their injuries. The Ashton E. Thomas Law Office provides information on these lawsuits and helps you decide whether or not you need to enlist a lawyer to help with your case.

How Class Action Lawsuits Work

If you decide to file a class-action lawsuit, you are likely wondering how they work from start to finish. You begin by filing a class-action lawsuit explaining the actions of the company and how they impacted you and others. Since you are the one filing the lawsuit, you are the lead plaintiff.

If the judge agrees that you have a valid class-action case, the judge will approve the lawsuit and notify everyone who might have been impacted. The class-action lawsuit then moves forward the same way any other case would. Once the court decides on the case, the compensation is distributed to participating class members.

How the Ashton E. Thomas Law Office Can Help

Filing a class action lawsuit on your own is possible. But it might not be wise if you want a real shot at winning, so learn how our legal team can help. We begin by reviewing the evidence and deciding the smartest way to move forward. We can put together the best possible case to optimize your odds of success.

After we begin the process, we help locate other class members who could be entitled to compensation. We can strive for a reasonable settlement or fight for your rights at trial. Contact us right away if you would like to learn more about what we can do for you.