How to Know Who is Responsible for Injuries in a Car Accident

Injured woman feeling bad after having a car crash

In a car accident, one of the people involved will have to bear the responsibility of being the cause of the collision. If you are the victim in the scenario, you must establish that the other driver caused the accident so that you can collect damages that will cover the cost of medical attention and car repairs. There are a few steps to take to determine who is responsible and this will have to happen at the time of the accident. Car accident lawyer in Elizabeth NJ help victims of car accidents by giving them detailed legal advice that guides them along the process. In order to explore what steps you need to take, contact Attorney Ashton E. Thomas to get started.

Who Is Responsible For Injuries?

Most accidents involve a person who caused the collision and another who was injured during it. As the person who suffers the injuries, it can be difficult to know how to hold the other driver responsible. If you are in an accident it is important to document the way in which the other driver was the cause. This includes:

-Staying at the scene of the accident

-Getting a police report that details the incident

-Taking pictures and video of the damage of both cars and the other driver’s license plate and insurance if they seem to want to leave the scene

-Getting a medical examination at the scene if the ambulance comes or after you are able to leave the scene

In addition to these steps, you should consult car accident lawyer in Elizabeth NJ to represent you in front of the insurance company. An attorney is familiar with how insurance companies tend to interact with victims of their clients and will work in your best interest.

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