Can I Rely on My Union to Protect My Interests?

employee union

A labor union is formed to protect the rights of employees. For instance, if you face a lawful termination, the labor union must ensure that you are compensated fairly. This is not always the case, and therefore, it means you cannot always rely on your labor union to protect your interests. The good news is that a wrongful termination lawyers will help you get fair compensation. All you need to do is hire employment lawyers to handle your case. 

What is a Union?

A union is a group of workers from a specific industry that has been formed to protect their labor rights. The employees share their concerns on how the workplace should be improved. They believe that the improvements will be easily made when they approach the employer as a group instead of an individual. Unions seek wage increments, better working conditions, fair compensations, protection against unfair terminations, and better medical benefits.

How an attorney can help

According to Ashton E. Thomas Esquire, labor unions might not always be reliable in protecting an employee’s welfare and interests. In such a case, the employee has to seek an employment lawyer New Jersey to help them handle the case. 

Unions are made to protect the rights of their employees. Therefore, if the union acts in any of the following ways, you need to seek wrongful termination lawyers NJ to handle your case.

  • Discrimination– if the unions show discriminatory acts against your rights, it is acting contrary to their duties, and a lawyer would help you get justice. 
  • In bad faith– if an official in the union fails to respond to your complaints because they do not like you, they will have acted in bad faith. Therefore, you can hire a lawyer to help with the case.
  • Arbitrary– this is a situation whereby the union refuses to pursue your case for a invalid reason. A lawyer will ensure that your case has been pursued and fair compensation offered. 

Bottom line

A union and a human resource department are supposed to protect your rights and interests. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  In fact, a union needs a firewall protecting its representatives before they can protect aggrieved workers. If union representatives can suffer retaliation and termination for assisting workers, then the union process would not be effective in these circumstances. Many times union activity is not effective.

However, the law is complex, and many people do not know when to take legal action. In that case, you can consult a lawyer to help you determine your next course of action regarding the union.